Action is in our nature

Who we are

Our mission: To guide people and organizations in adopting best environmental practices. 
  • Social economy enterprise / Non-profit
  • Charitable organization
  • Founded in 1986
  • Almost 100 employees
  • Over 350 projects managed per year

Why work with us

We are experienced in issues related to natural habitats, waste management, energy efficiency, and climate change. 
  • Experience: Groundbreaking work in education and the environment for over 30 years.
  • Credibility: We manage about 350 projects per year in partnership with local stakeholders.
  • Expertise:  Our project managers have university degrees in their areas of practice and experience in the field.
  • We maintain close relationships based on trust with funders, municipalities (over 85), citizens and many other partners.
  • Our services are tax free (charitable organization status). 
  • Municipalities can contract our services without tenders (non-profit organization). 
Our fields of expertise
  • Natural area management
  • Waste management and environmental citizenship
  • Environmental management
  • Environmental policy and sustainable development
  • Environmental health
  • Responsible consumption
  • Residential energy efficiency
  • Climate change  / Active transportation
Natural area management
  • Conservation of natural areas through private stewardship
  • Land acquisition in perpetuity
  • Property management and enhancement 
  • Environmental architecture and landscaping
  • Geomatics
Climate change - Active transportation
  • Prevention of urban heat islands, urban greening
  • Climate change adaptation and prevention plans
  • Active transportation plans and mobility plans
  • On the Move in the Community
Environmental health
  • Ragweed and invasive species prevention plans
  • Smog prevention (“white patrol”)
  • Noise and odour prevention measures
Responsible consumption
  • Sustainable purchasing
  • Local and direct purchasing
Environmental management
  • Implementation of waste management strategies
  • Training and awareness
  • Green, blue and brown patrols
  • Three-stream recycling
  • Management of environmental awareness centres, green community programs, and eco-recycling facilities
Environmental management
  • Environmental certification program for automotive service establishments

Environmental policy and sustainable development

  • Contracting of environmental services
  • Environmental policy development
  • Development and implementation of sustainable development action plans
Residential energy efficiency
  • Energy efficiency in the home